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The Leading Online E Cig and Vape Store in Australia

E Cig Future is Australia’s leading online e cig and vape store. We believe e cigarettes  and vaping are the future as a better lifestyle choice.

Lots of people spend years trying to quit smoking. The situation was no different for the owners of E Cig Future, who after years of smoking, and many attempts to quit, successfully gave up four years ago with the aid of an e cigarette and haven’t looked back! You can too! Make the decision to quit smoking and start vaping.

The E Cig Experience

Switching to vaping can be expensive, as can finding a quality product that is reliable. The quest for an affordable, high quality e cigarette provided the inspiration to develop and an online e cig and vape store in Australia, offering the best quality e cig and vaping products.

Discover Halo & Vaping

The Halo e cig offers quality without compromise, which makes them the best high-end e cigarettes in Australia. Halo is a trusted choice and acclaimed worldwide for their excellence in the vaping industry. If you are looking to buy a superior product you have come to the right place.

Trusted Online Vape Store Australia

At E Cig Future customer service is paramount. We understand that many people are just beginning their journey and will have questions about purchasing an e cigarette starter kit, or products available at our online vape store.
That’s why we offer technical support, by phone or email 7 days a week, 365 days of the year 9a.m till 5p.m.

Please browse our online e cig and vape store. We offer a huge range of e cig and vaping products, including e cigarette starter kits, Halo vape pens and Halo e-liquid Australia wide. Good luck on your new journey.