Important Legal & Safety Information About Our Products

In order to legally buy eCigarettes or e-Liquid in Australia, you must be over 18 years of age. Therefore, eCigfuture do not sell to minors.

If you have any serious health concerns or are pregnant, please always consult your doctor before using eCigarettes.

Ecigfuture take no responsibility if eCigarettes are not used correctly as outlined in the product descriptions on the website and information sheets that come with products.

Before vaping always make sure you understand correct battery safety and ohms law. Batteries should always be used with caution, as they can explode when used incorrectly. Only advanced vapers should consider using a mechanical mod.

Australian Vaping Laws

In Australia there are a number of different laws regulating the selling and promotion of vaping products and the selling of nicotine for vaping.

It is currently illegal to sell nicotine for vaping in Australia. This is because nicotine is classed as a schedule 7 – dangerous poison under Australian Poisons Law.

eCig Future do not sell products that contain nicotine.

Australian vapers can purchase high quality ecig starter kits and e liquid from an online vape store in Australia, like eCig Future. Nicotine can be purchased from an online store outside Australia with fast shipping.  Mixology NZ in New Zealand, is the most popular source in Australia for premium nicotine.

Find out more about where to buy nicotine in Australia.