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ECig Vaping Stories Number 1

We chat with customers every day, who ask about the different sorts of e cigarettes and e liquids available, and the best e cigarette to quit smoking. We spend a lot of time answering questions and making sure that people are getting the best style of e cigarette or mod to match their vaping needs and their lifestyle. It’s part of the reason we love what we do. And we love hearing people’s success stories.

As some of you may know we at Ecig future have had personal experience quitting smoking through vaping. That’s why we started the business. But we understand that vaping is not for everyone and it doesn’t work for everybody.

The best way for us to talk about our products is for us to not talk at all, but let our customers share their own stories. Mark Egan emailed us in May and was happy to share his vaping story…

Mark’s Journey To Quit Smoking

“I relied heavily on cigarettes for years”

After only 3 months, I’m still in a state of disbelief, really. I was never an open or social smoker but I relied heavily on cigarettes for years.
With a couple of kids, I was always self-conscious of my habit and the effects it had on my children. The dirty smell of cigarette smoke and the time-outs I’d take to smoke away from them were always eating away at me as a negative – not to mention the fear for my own health and the impact that could have on my family at any point in the future. I wanted to break my smoking habit and believe me, I tried. From cutting down to cold turkey I was unsuccessful and continued to unconsciously fall back into my old habits. And then I discovered vaping…

What Is Vaping?

“I was impressed by the success stories from my mates”

Truth be told I’d seen it all around me for years and never been interested or considered it a viable alternative I guess. It was a couple of sessions on the beers with some mates who were vaping as a substitute for smoking that sold me on the idea of giving it a go. Not being a social smoker as I mentioned, I’d brought no cigarettes and I was offered to try the vapes. I found they were surprisingly satisfying. I was impressed by the success stories from my mates on these occasions because they told me how vaping had kept them cigarette free for months. That’s when they introduced me to Ecigfuture!

Meeting Maria

“She’s simply awesome to talk things through with”

I checked out the Ecigfuture website and on a mate’s recommendation to call Maria at headquarters anytime for the best service and advice, I promptly did. This was the true beginning. Maria’s friendly and approachable nature was evident immediately and her genuine interest in my individual goals and requirements were more than accommodating. Over the months that have followed I’ve called Maria most weeks for further information and product knowledge and have been met with the same highly personable and devoted response. She’s simply awesome to talk things through with and I credit her as a major part of me getting the best out my vaping experience.

Smoking To Vaping Transition


After ordering my Reactor Shorty Starter Kit and some tobacco flavoured e-liquids I began vaping daily to substitute my cigarette use. Over just a couple of weeks I was able to wean down from 10+ cigarettes a day to only one or two a day. It was at this point I was ready to go for broke and commit to vaping as a full time alternative. Over the months that followed I have remained 100% cigarette free and my cravings have rapidly diminished.

Vaping Benefits

“What an awesome experience the last three months have been for myself and my family!”

My health was boosted and my energy levels have increased since starting vaping and giving up cigarettes. I’ve become much more active. My general demeanour has become more relaxed and positive. I am no longer burdened by self conscious thoughts about the smell of smoke around my children and others. My kids love it that I’m around them more because of this. I could never have imagined such a great outcome.

“It has truly changed my life”

Overall, I’m stoked to have been introduced to the vaping experience and the team at Ecigfuture. It’s by no means an exaggeration to say that it has truely changed my life! My utmost gratitude to Maria for her support along the way and of course the awesome gift bags full of goodies! I highly recommend Ecigfuture and the vaping experience to anyone looking to enjoy the finer things in life all around!

Voice Activation Is Here!

iJoy Avenger Voice Activated Mod eCig Kit

The new iJoy Avenger voice activated mod is here!

Thew new iJoy Avenger is the first voice activated eCig kit available anywhere in the world.  No more frantically grabbing for your device at the lights to change wattage or scramble through menus options!

This exciting new mod is 234W and has the new iJoy Avenger Tank. It’s powered by two 20700 batteries, and it can support NI, TI,  and SS modes.ijoy avenger with two batteriesVoice Commands include:

  • Wattage up or down,
  • Romantic Light!
  • Power High,
  • Lock device,
  • Light colour
  • Music Colour Mode
  • Shutdown

ijoy avenger - voice activated mod

Included are the big fire key, adjustable RGB LED button, and a colourful OLED screen. All which make you look like James Bond!

On board is the iJoy Avenger tank and coil. All this makes the iJoy 270 Kit deliver a pure flavour, smooth experience, a high tech look, and makes you look cooler than anyone else!


  • eLiquid capacity: 3.2ml – 4.7ml
  • Max Wattage: 234 w
  • Very portable
  • Bright and big screen
  • Two 20700 batteries
  • Tonnes of design/colour choicers
  • NI, TI, SS temperature control
  • Resistance range: 0.05~3.0 ohm
  • USB charging
  • Updates possible for the firmware

ijoy avenger - voice activated mod