Your Guide to E-Cig Terminology

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This dictionary explains terminology often used in vaping it also helps with questions about vaping.We are only to happy to chat about any queries you may have and personally help you choose which Halo e cigarette or mod is a good choice to suit your needs transitioning from smoking to vaping.I wish I had that when I first started vaping which is why I am not only selling e cigarettes I personally vape and understand in the beginning and even throughout your vaping journey you will have questions. I also can guide you with choosing e liquids flavors and other helpful information when first quitting and switching to vaping. Now vaping for 4 yrs I chose Halo for specific reasons .More to come soon about why Halo.

The A – Z of Vaping: From Amps to Zero

Enjoy The Flavour Burst Of Zero Nicotine

Vape Store Australia | eCig Future

When I quit smoking nearly  4 and a half years ago and started vaping, I began with nicotine in my e liquid. You can buy nicotine e liquids from overseas for personal use for up to a 3 months’ supply. Nicotine in your e liquid has pepper undertones and will hinder the flavour of your e liquid . Of course you will get the throat hit, but I found vaping zero e liquids gave a very smooth vape and the taste of the flavours amazing. Especially fruit flavours  like  Halo Golden Kiwi one of my personal  favourites and the peppermints like Kringles Curse and Frost Bite from NicVape  totally refreshing.

It’s all about inhaling the pure  flavour just like smoking. It’s not about the smoke ,fire, or tobacco.

So if you don’t want to alter the flavour of   your e liquid and maximize flavour I recommend Zero e liquid. Many vapours are now enjoying trying all the full bodied  flavoured zero nicotine free  e liquids. And there are so many great flavours on offer ! Whatever your choice, its healthier and there is so much variety to choose from to find your own favourite e liquids whether they have nicotine or not or you like to   float between the two.J

Happy Vaping.

More Vaping blogs to come from EcigFuture.