What Is The Best E Cigarette In Australia?

There are a huge range of e cigarette devices available on the market today.   At Ecig Future, we understand that it can be daunting stepping into the world of vaping and e cigarettes for the first time. One of the first decisions new vapers face is finding the most reliable and best e cigarette in Australia. More experienced vapers, who want to try mods and experiment with different types of devices, can also be caught out and confused by specifications and jargon.

The best e cigarette for beginners

There are lots of different e cigarette devices on the market, along with lots of jargon that can be confusing for beginners. At Ecig Future, our staff are all former smokers who were once new to vaping too, so we understand how hard it can be to find a really good, safe product.

Based on our experience reviewing lots of ecigs the best ecigarette in Australia for beginners is by far the range of Halo vape pens and starter kits We highly recommend the Halo 6G, the Halo Triton Vape Pen or the Halo Triton 2 as reliable ecig devices to help you transition to vaping. Vape pens provide an experience more similar to smoking, allowing users to transition gradually.

Some ecigs, like the G6 come with options that allow users to experiment with transitioning to more customised vaping as well.

The best e cigarette in Australia for beginners:

Why Halo e cigarettes?

Halo is a US based company manufacturing only high quality e cigarettes and e liquids. Halo was founded by three guys in 2009, who were committed to providing a safe, quality alternative to smoking.

Since 2009, Halo has developed a reputation for manufacturing among the very best e-cigarettes and e liquids available. Halo has a range of products for beginners to advanced vapers, including starter kits, vape pens, vape mods and of course a range of e liquids.  Halo state on their website:

We are personally committed to inspiring adult smokers one at a time to take a step — a step to a cleaner, healthier, smoke-free life. Saving lives is our purpose and we refuse to have it any other way.

The best e cigarette for experienced vapers

More experienced vapers often want to start experimenting by having more control over the flavour and strength of their vape, as well as wanting to explore sub ohm power vaping and bigger clouds. This is where the world of sub ohm devices and mods have really taken off.

These devices provide more controls for the user. They are also much larger than midi devices and vape pens. Rather than the slim pen shape of the midi ecigs, more advanced ecigs and mods are boxy and house a larger battery for longer battery life.

Mods allow you to have more control by changing the temperature and the flavour. Enthusiasts are like artisans, customising their smoking experience through advanced controls, LED screens, and fully customised ‘power curves’.  Mods provide a stronger vape and a more ‘direct lung hit’ than a vape pen.

More experienced vapers, will want different things from their device, so it is a lot harder to recommend the best ecigarette in Australia for advanced smokers.

Vaporesso, Eleaf and IJoy manufacture a number of great, very cool devices to appeal to experienced vapers who want more control. The best vape mod will depend on how much you vape, your preferred strength and throat hit, and whether you’re chasing after bigger clouds.

The best vape mod in Australia for experienced vapers include: