Why I Left Cigarettes For Vaping

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I started smoking at the age of 16. It was the cool thing to do. When I first smoked I would get the dizzy head spin but that did not deter me. Both my parents smoked so access to cigarettes was easy. We also had very little education about smoking related diseases.


When I began working I bought my own cigarettes, they were only about 50 cents a packet back then. I was a packet a day smoker. I started off smoking Kent then onto Winfield Blue in the later years.


My husband who also smoked stopped, I did not but every few years I would attempt to. I tried cold turkey, impossible for me. I tried patches, hypnotherapy, and it was suggested by a doctor I bury my cigarettes in the garden as a symbolic way of saying goodbye to my beloved cigarettes. I desperately dug them up later that day. I also tried prescription drugs the last one being Champix. I had a really bad reaction to that and had to stop taking it immediately. Then difficult times in my life just gave my brain another reason to say I need to smoke.


So between the coughing, wheezing, high blood pressure, smell, cost and so much more I chose to smoke. This friendship lasted for 36 yrs.


A friend introduced me to vaping. I received my first starter kit, a vape pen. I never picked up another cigarette. Vaping I believe saved my life.


My health improved on all levels I no longer smelt like an ashtray and yes you do have more money to spend elsewhere. I love everything about vaping, it is a way of life for me and I am proud to vape. It has filtered down to my son and a few friends. In saying that it is not for everyone but if you are reading this and you are thinking of giving vaping a go you have nothing to lose except the cost of your starter kit  and an e liquid.


Vaping has helped millions to quit and switching to vaping all over the world is a much safer alternative. If you have any questions please call. Entering the world of vaping I found in the beginning was confusing. So good luck!


eCig Future Founder