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In the second in our series of Vaping Stories we hear from Tara, a long term smoker who has successfully transitioned away from cigarettes to vaping. Tara focusses on the importance of discipline and testing out a few different devices and flavours until you get the right vape for you.

The First Week Of Vaping

“Vaping is not smoking”

First up you have to be committed to quitting. Have a mindset that vaping is not smoking. The first week is hard. You will cough. You will have headaches and you will sometimes get a sore mouth. Persevere. This is only temporary.

Finding The Right Device & Flavours

“It’s all about practice and experimentation”

Have a selection of juices and be willing to try new ones till you find one that you love. This will become your all day vape. Then, be willing to invest in bigger and better.  I started off with the halo G6 and have worked my way up the vape chain. If you find yourself not being satisfied with your vape, try something different. It’s still cheaper than a packet of regular cigarettes, any day.

I love Tribeca – but it tastes better in the Triton Vape Pen than it does in the Triton II. It’s all about practice and experimentation, until you’ve found the right mix.

Care Of Your Equipment

“Be gentle with your equipment”

Change your coils regularly. You will be amazed at the difference. Be gentle with your equipment. If you vape too long it will get hot and the tank will suffer. I have three or four on the go at any given time, all with different juices.

Strategies For Success

“Don’t listen to the critics”

Lastly don’t listen to the critics. Vaping is the healthier alternative. The World Health Organisation recognises this. Ignore those who choose to be ignorant and criticise vaping. Do your own homework.

The Benefits Of Vaping

“I wondered how I ever smoked”

Ive been off the cigarettes for two years now. I no longer have a smokers cough. I can taste again. I can smell again. I really enjoy vaping. I no longer smell like an ashtray. I tried a cigarette a few months back and it did absolutely nothing for me. I wondered how I had ever smoked!

Temperature Control and the New Reactor Range

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So you just bought your new device and decided to try temperature control.

What is temperature control? Why is it so popular? Temperature control allows you to set the temperature at your desired sweet spot, this prevents those dry hits and burnt taste we all hate when vaping.

It’s like driving down the freeway and reaching 100 miles per hour then you stop accelerating take the foot off the pedal and are in cruise control mode. As with the Reactor Mega, find your preferred temperature and lock it in. Wattage mode is like driving down the freeway full pelt and having to continuously change the speed.

So what are the advantages of Temperature Control (TC)? It is said using TC will give you longer battery life and with the Reactor Mega being 5000 mAh that’s a lot of vaping power and long lasting stamina. Burnt hits are gone and less e liquid consumption is claimed. If the coil gets too hot or there is not enough juice in your mod the unit will cut off.  So temperature control is becoming very popular and we would love your feedback on it.

Let’s talk more specifically about the Mega and temperature control which as a device has all the bells and whistles. The Reactor Shorty and Mini also come with TC (just smaller devices, battery mAh, and tank size.) The Shorty also comes with an 18650 battery.

We tried and tested the Reactor Mega and wanted to tell you more about the settings and finding our sweet spot.
Halo package their kits well. A nifty hard case is great for storing or travel. The three packaged boxes are presented well and separate the pieces. Inside you will find the power adapter, and at Ecigfuture – we throw in a complimentary US to AU adapter so you have no hassles charging!
The second box will reveal the USB charging cable, in your accessories box you will find the user manual and 2 x NI200 .15 ohm coils .

The tank fits 5 ml of e liquid for less refilling and ease of a top fill. We love the drip tip as it has great insulation and stops it getting too hot. Also the click when you adjust your air flow is pretty cool. Always prime your coil just a couple of drops of  e liquid and we recommend a drop around the O rings keeping them safely in place before screwing on your tank firmly but don’t over tighten.  Fill the tank about 3 quarters of the way is good. Keeping your air holes closed. Always recommend when your unit is not in use leave vertical. If you can wait ten minutes or more it’s good because the coil will absorb more e liquid.

I’ve switched on the unit – what next? The screen will give you all the information and guide you through.  We want to talk more about Temperature Control itself which works well with the NI200 coils or stainless steel TC coils. The user manual will give you a guide as to what coils for what mode. We also recommend a higher VG ratio for the Reactor range. The Mega goes from 300 – 600 Celsius. I recommend starting at 300- 350 for a cooler vape then working your way up to find your personal preference. We found 450 gives a warmer vape and like running the Mega on 35- 40 Watts. That’s our sweet spot. The higher the temperature setting – the hotter the vape. But what we loved is it didn’t burn as it depleted. The clouds and flavour it produces is excellent!

You may find that your wattage will fluctuate a little depending where you are and what you’re doing. Going from a cool environment to a warmer one. The ability to use other tanks is good and we like using the Jag6.  It’s a great size as a smaller tank option and their coils we thought lost zero flavour.  We used it with the Reactor 50 w Mod with a .5 ohm duel coil and ran it at 35w.

The great thing Halo has offered is that you can use any tank from the Reactor on their Reactor devices giving you more options to mix it up. So to sum it up – we recommend experimenting with different coils and settings to find out how you like best like to use the Mega and other TC devices.

So to sum it up we recommend experimenting with different coils (that are suitable for T.C mode) and settings to find out how you like best like to use the Mega and other TC devices to find your very own sweet spot.

What is the Bypass mode  (mechanical Mode)?
This is essentially allow your battery to operate as a Mechanical Mode. With this method instead of using variable wattage it will fire your battery with a maximum amount of wattage available in your battery as with the Mega 80 W battery. It is highly recommended you only use Kanthal wire coils! As Titanium or Nickle are more prone to overheating in Bypass Mode.
Bypass Mode is very popular with vapours that enjoy and like to rebuild their own coils allowing the battery to fire at a lower resistance. Mainly because the lower coil resistance enables the e liquid to be heated and vaporized quickly. Providing huge clouds and more flavour.

The coil affects your Ecig experiences. The lower the resistance the coil will heat up quickly – thus creating a warmer vape. (Warmer hit) and yes more vapour!
If your coil has a higher resistance, then the coil will heat up more slowly providing a cooler vape and hit. With less vapour.

We hope that helps with your new Mod and temperature control as we have been asked for an over-view and hope this helps!

If you have further questions, or you’re unsure about what device would best suit you – then get in touch with us here.

Happy Vaping!

The EcigFuture Team.

What is Mouth to Lung or direct Lung Inhaling?

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There are two styles of vaping and you may have heard of these terms before but what do they mean.

Mouth to Lung Inhaling

This is the way traditional smokers smoke. Inhaling into your mouth and breathing into your lungs.

Direct lung inhaling is the new evolution of vaping and used with sub-ohm devices which also produce more vapour. The sub-ohm device needs to allow for more airflow. This will create much more vapour. So the term cloud chasers appeared in the ecig world. With mouth inhaling it is harder to hold all that vapour in your mouth with a looser airflow. So for example if you have the new Triton II and you want to vape as a more natural cigarette experience then you would keep the air holes more closed.

Tanks with airflow can be used with both styles of vaping. With MTL style of vaping keep the air holes more closed or open them up and let the air move around the coil and then you are ready to use Direct Lung Inhaling as your preferred vaping style. But again it is only what we think and you will find your preferred airflow setting and vape experience you love!

Your Guide to E-Cig Terminology

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This dictionary explains terminology often used in vaping it also helps with questions about vaping.We are only to happy to chat about any queries you may have and personally help you choose which Halo e cigarette or mod is a good choice to suit your needs transitioning from smoking to vaping.I wish I had that when I first started vaping which is why I am not only selling e cigarettes I personally vape and understand in the beginning and even throughout your vaping journey you will have questions. I also can guide you with choosing e liquids flavors and other helpful information when first quitting and switching to vaping. Now vaping for 4 yrs I chose Halo for specific reasons .More to come soon about why Halo.

The A – Z of Vaping: From Amps to Zero