How much will I save, when I switch to an E cigarette?


Currently in Australia each year the cigarette tax increases dramatically. It has just been announced that the federal government will increase the tobacco excise by 12.5% a year, for the next four consecutive years. Meaning the price of a pack of 25’s will rise from $25 to $40.

So, today at $25 a pack (based on a pack a day smoker) will cost you:

  • weekly    $175
  • monthly $750
  • yearly     $8,700

In just 4 short years you can expect the costs to be:

  • weekly    $280
  • monthly $1,120
  • yearly     $13,440

Now there are upfront costs involved with first starting to use E cigarettes, but in the long run it will save you thousands! For example:

  • To purchase a starter kit (Triton) costs $61.50
  • One 30ml bottle of  E-Liquid costs between $17 and $30, and is equivalent to up to about 20 packs ($420 approx.)
  • The cost per month of an E cigarette  for an every day vaper, with E Liquid and replacement coils, would roughly be $50 (based on use with a triton Vape pen, which we recommend for beginners)
  • The cost per month of a pack a day smoker would roughly be $750 (based on a $25 avg. pack in 2016)

That’s only $110.50 – which includes the starter kit, 1 x 30ml E liquid AND an extra set of replacement coils.

(Keep in mind you don’t have to purchase the starter kit each time) which brings the monthly cost down to approx. $50

That’s a savings of approximately $8400 a year! -End of year holiday anyone?

Start vaping and enjoy your savings!