E-cigarette | Halo G6

A beautifully designed e-cigarette that looks stylish, is lightweight, available in an array of eye catching colours and offers elite performance. The G6 fits into the palm of your hand and therefore fits easily into your clutch, wallet or pocket. One of the features of the G6, is a long lasting rechargeable Infiniglow Battery and Flame Guard Technology to prevent a burnt taste. The G6 also has a thermo flow heating system to ensure smooth vape flow and an E-Cig tank option (mini tank), which is a great stepping stone to the next level of vaping.
The G6 resembles a real cigarette and is one of the Halos’ most popular e-cigarette starter kits acclaimed worldwide with high recognition from P.C. Magazine.


The stylish G6 offers:
• A long lasting rechargeable infinite low battery
• Flame Guard technology
• Easy to swap cartomisers
• Or add G6 mini tank
• Colour options to customise your E-Cigarette (cartomizers, G6 mini tanks, G6 drip tips)
• Great accessories
• Sophisticated E-Cigarette case available
• A G6 E-Cigarette holder – so you never misplace your G6 cigarette.

Halo has thought of everything!

What’s included in the G6 starter pack:
• Presented in the Halo’s satin bound box
• 2 G6 batteries ( choice of automatic or manual battery combination)
• Packet of 5 G6 cartomizers
• A G6 USB charger
• A G6 wall charger
• U.S to AUS power adapter