EcigFuture: Guide to Troubleshoot a Leaking Tank

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  1. Filling the Tank correctly

One of the most common causes of tank leakage, is also the easiest to fix. The tank set-up has a central airflow tube which the vapour production comes out of. We call this the ‘Chimney’. If at any stage during the filling process e-liquid enters this tube – you will experience leaks and gurgling. To avoid this read the instruction manual that comes with the kit to double check you are filling the tank correctly. If e-liquid does enter this tube accidentally (which it does happen even to veteran vapours!), simply clean out the residue with paper towel before you continue to vape.
Another useful tip: do not overfill your tank, always leave an air pocket at the top to create a vacuum to prevent any e liquid from leaking.


  1.  Check your O rings

O-rings are what creates the air seal for your tank. If one of these is worn or damaged your seal will not be working properly and leaks can occur. To see if your O-rings are intact, take apart your tank and examine them thoroughly. If you see any damage, wear (or they are completely missing) this could be a cause for your leaks. Replacing your O-rings will rectify this, just make sure you buy the right size for your tank!


  1. Check your seals

Leaks can also occur if the tank isn’t fastened together properly. Double check all threading to make sure they are aligned. Once you check these ensure all components are screwed tightly, but not too tightly as this can cause other issues.
It should be firm enough for it to hold, but be capable of being unscrewed without too much resistance.
Remember: be mindful to check if the threads have worn from use. If you have attempted to screw and unscrew the device to no avail – it may be time to replace your tank. But if you have a top filling device, it is highly unlikely to have wear on your threads – and the materials they use are usually pretty sturdy stuff!


  1. Keep your tank vertical

Sometimes leaks can occur simply because of gravity. To avoid this type of leakage out of the air holes, try to always leave your tank in a vertical position if leaving it for a long period of time. Similarly, when charging your device, it is recommended to remove the tank and sit in an upright position


  1. Close airflow when filling

The airflow component of your tank sets how powerful your inhalations need to be to vape. To avoid doing this too forcefully and bringing unwanted eliquid into the atomizer coil, which can flood the tank and cause leaks, open the airflow to a larger gap to allow more air through the atomizer. When filling your tank with e liquid, you must have the airflow closed to avoid any leaks.


  1. Coil problems

Sometimes you will come across a few faulty products. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable with mass produced products, especially if the product is coming from overseas where the same safety and regulations standards are practiced.
If you come across a bad coil, our advice to you would be to avoid using that batch as all the coils could be affected. Ensure your coil is screwed in firmly, if it is try another coil from a different source. If you are still experiencing the same complication then the issue is probably one of the other points discussed in this article.


  1. Clean your tank

Just like any container holding liquids, they need to be cleaned from time to time. A build-up of old residue could cause complications for yourself. To avoid this, take apart your unit, wash the tank in cold water then leave to dry out completely before putting it back together. To do a thorough cleaning of your tank, you can use a small amount of dish soap and warm water. Cotton ear buds are useful to get into the tricky corners. If you find yourself switching between flavours, you may have to do this more often.


  1. Check for cracks

If any cracks or damage happen to the tank, it will affect how airtight the tank is, and allow e liquid to leak into the air hole valve. You will require a replacement tank in this case.


  1. Use appropriate juice viscosity

Some coils require a significant amount of power, for these tanks any e liquid used that is lower than 70% VG, due to thinness of PG, has the high likeliness of leakage due to the larger ports that these tanks sport. The instruction manual that comes with the kit should indicate what viscosity should be used. So, for the big cloud producing devices a 70% VG and 30% PG and above is recommended, and MTL units are usually preferable to use UP TO 70% VG. Always check the label of your e liquid to check what PG/VG ratio you are using.


  1. Keep a lid on it

Tanks are pressurized. This means that if you leave the top cap off your tank, it will leak out of the airflows as the pressure is not correct. It can happen to the best of us, we all get distracted from time to time! If you want to leave your top cap off for any reason for an extended period of time, ensure that the tank is empty before you do so. You can close the airflow off which will help, but it is highly recommended to have the tank empty if you wish to have the top cap off.