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E-Liquids, when used with your e-cigarette, create an extremely rewarding experience. Experimenting with new flavours and finding exciting and unique new e liquid flavours is all part of the journey in the world of vaping. The team at Ecigfuture in Melbourne stock only the very best Halo e liquid products for your vaping satisfaction.

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The Best E Liquids From Halo

Because we are committed to only stocking high quality, Halo is one of the primary products we recommend and sell to our Australian customers.  Choose from Halo eVo, Halo Blue and Halo White e liquids in our online vape store.

We stock all your favourite tobacco, menthol, fruit,  and dessert flavours, including Tribeca,  Black Diamond, Frostbite, Subzero, Kringle’s Curse, Mystic, Purple Tundra, Blackwood Blueberry, Nutty Butter, Spearmint, Tangerine Swirl, Twisted Turnover, Belgian Cocoa, & Wild Watermelon.

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Halo e liquid has won many Spinfuel Choice Awards for their unique and delicious flavours of e liquid. Halo has won six prestigious awards for their e juice flavours and have also been awarded for the best refillable e-cigarette and Triton tank system, featuring their Leak Shield technology.

The makers of Halo e liquid, have also been recognised for their leak shield technology, developed for the Halo Triton Tank,

The Best E Liquid Of The Year 2018

Nicopure, the company behind Halo e liquid was recently awarded the best e liquid of the year at the 2018 E Cigarette Expo in China (The IECIE). This annual Expo attracts approximately 50,000 professionals and 1,500 brands from 45 countries. That’s a big deal and testament to Halo’s hard work, commitment to high quality ingredients and exacting manufacturing standards.

The Beginning Of Halo E Liquid & E Cigarettes

The Halo company was founded in 2009 by three hard working men who believed in providing people with premium products. As inferior products have since flooded the market, Halo is one of the most respected brands in the market. Their quality and high standards are second to none. Halo’s attention to detail is faultless, earning them a high standard of acclaim in the vaping industry.

Prior to introducing the halo  e liquid formula into the market, Halo, commissioned extensive testing at independent labs to verify that their products contained no diacetyl or acetyl propionyl. For Halo, safety and satisfaction of their customers is what’s important. Only after rigorous testing, do Halo e liquids go into production.

Halo e liquid is renowned for high-quality and satisfying flavours

During production, the e liquid goes through an extensive process of testing and mixing to get to completion.  It is mixed by trained chemists in a clean room environment at Halo’s state of the art 100,000 square foot production facility in Gainesville Florida. The e liquid goes through a proprietary steeping process, ingredients are combined and mixed, and peak flavour is achieved.

Halo’s top priority is to maintain quality and high standards. That’s why their bottles include a glass stopper, child proof bottles, detailed labelling on every bottle of Halo E liquid. Every e liquid has a batch date and trackable lot numbers, so each customer receives their e juice at its best. Find out more about Halo e juice.

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