Halo eCigarettes Australia

Here at Ecig Future, we only aim to distribute products from the highest quality brands. One brand that we heavily promote is the industry renowned Halo Cigarettes. In the vaping world a Halo ecig is known for its high quality and reliability.

The American Made Halo ECig

Halo Cigarettes are American made and pride themselves on manufacturing only the highest quality e-cigarettes, e-liquids and associated accessories. Their products will only go to market after comprehensive research, development, testing and innovation phases.

Highest Quality ECig and Halo E Juice

The quality standards of all Halo ecigs in Australia are actively monitored to ensure that all products consistently offer users the best possible vaping experience. More than just a manufacturer of top-notch electronic cigarettes, Halo is a full-service provider. Halo products provide a one-stop vaping shop, where all your vaping equipment and e liquids are designed to work together.

Their delicious range of quality e-liquid flavours regularly receive reviews, whilst their long-lasting accessories such as batteries, carts and tanks will save you significant money over the long term.

From Starter Kits to Sub Ohm Vaping

Especially if you’re new to vaping, a lot of the terminology thrown around can be difficult to understand at first. Halo e cigarettes ensure that they have a range that caters to all vapers. In fact, many Halo customers stick with Halo from the moment of their first Halo ecig – the G6 – all the way through to the Halo Reactor kit. Each Halo ecig vape kit is designed to be easy to use and contains a complete user manual to ensure that you don’t get stuck. If you’re new to vaping and not quite sure how it all works, Maria and our team are always happy to help.

Halo In Australia

With all manufacturing occurring at a dedicated warehouse in Florida, you can rest assured that all Halo products are held to the highest standards before being released to the market. Usually, this would mean either long or expensive shipping times to a country on the other side of the world, like Australia. Fortunately, Halo have been blessed with a large range of loyal customers down under and understand the immense potential of this market. They understand that too many international companies shortchange the Australian market with overpriced or delayed shipping times.

Because of this, every measure has been taken to ensure that all products are available across Australia with prompt shipping times. Distributors such as ourselves have worked with Halo for years to satisfy thousands of customers across Australia. Our online vape store in Australia will ensure that all of your products arrive promptly and in excellent condition (we’ll even throw in a FREE gift). This gives you the best of both worlds; manufacturing of the highest quality Halo cigs in Australia, with prompt shipping direct to your door.

We provide lots of information about Halo, including a special Halo FAQs and troubleshooting guide for Halo ecig products.

The Halo E Cigarettes Range

Halo understand that no two vapers are the same. As such, their offerings are tailored to ensure that the needs of every vaper are met. Whether you’re just starting out with vaping or have 5 years of experience, Halo have a vaping kit to suit your needs. This broad customer reach is just one of the reasons why Halo has managed to establish itself as an industry leader in the vaping space.

At Halo cigarettes, the main goal is to ensure that they have all of the products necessary to suit your vaping needs. Their diverse range of vaping kits will take you from a beginner all the way to a seasoned veteran. They don’t just focus on electronic cigarettes either. Delicious e-liquids and accessories such as tanks, cartomizers, batteries and coils are almost necessities to enjoy a clean and consistent vaping experience. When you shop with Halo, you’ll be covered for life. You won’t need to worry about finding a new store when you’ve completed the beginner stage or when you’re after a specific vaping accessory.

Beginner vapers typically want something that is quite similar to a cigarette and is easy to use. Products such as the Halo G6, Triton Single and Triton 2 are very much catered to beginner and intermediate vapers, offering a great introductory experience. More experienced vapers tend to be after devices that are more customisable and allow for sub ohm vaping. For these experienced vapers, the Halo Reactor and Tracer both offer a powerful and immersive vaping experience that users will really enjoy. Below you can find a brief description and the key selling points of each of these renowned products.

Halo G6

Halo G6 Starter Kit – Ecig Future

This super cool, elegant looking vaping kit represents an excellent option for beginner vapers. The G6 features 5 Cartomizers, 2 automatic batteries as well as wall and USB chargers. It’s clean cut and professional design will have you vaping in style! Despite its relatively lightweight feel, a major strongpoint of this kit is its very high vapour production. This is an e-cig that is capable of heating up very quickly and compares favourably to others of similar size. The e-cig itself is quite similar in shape to that of a normal cigarette, making it a very smooth transition for smokers transitioning to vaping. Ultimately, the G6 vaporizer kit comes complete with everything you need to enjoy a top-notch e-smoking experience.

Triton Single

triton i single starter kit Ecig Future
Triton i Single Starter Kit – Ecig Future

The Halo Single Triton Kit represents a perfect upgrade from the above G6. It comes complete with two long-lasting triton 650mAh batteries, tanks and accessories. The Triton ecig system utilises powerful clearomizers to produce high-quality warm vapour. You’ll notice an excellent vape plume and a much stronger hit than the G6, without feeling overwhelmed. Especially when complemented with some delicious e-juice, this kit provides everything you need to enjoy an intense yet comfortable vaping experience. With more advanced features than the G6, the Triton ecig single is the ideal vaping kit for intermediate users.

Triton 2

Triton II Starter Kit Stainless
The Triton 2: introducing sleek, cylindrical, sub ohm vaping


The Triton 2 is an updated version of the Triton 2 kit that uses the innovative sub ohm technology. This helps to create a more powerful vaping experience complete with more enjoyable and intense flavours. It comes in a durable carrying case and features a spring-loaded cover for your protection. A main selling point of this kit is the long-lasting batteries, which can result in significant cost savings over time. It has only a two-hour charge time that will last for a full 24 hours afterwards.

The Halo Triton 2 kit is an extremely versatile Halo ecig, providing an atomizer that can be swapped with many different cartomizers. If you’ve decided to upgrade from the G6, you’ll hardly notice a difference as they are completely compatible with each other. This kit is also very easy to use and comes complete with a user manual that walks you through exactly how to use it. Whilst the features represent an upgrade over the original Triton Single, the Triton 2 is still very much catered towards intermediate vapers.

Halo Reactor

Reactor Mini
Reactor Mega
Reactor Shorty Starter Kit Pink
Reactor Shorty






The Halo Reactor range is a step above the G6 and Triton kits for more experienced vapers or those who want to move to more complex, customised vaping. The Reactor comes in the Reactor Mini, The Reactor Mega and the Reactor Shorty, all offering something just a little bit different.

The Halo Reactor Mega is a mega ecigarette! This Halo ecig is a powerful option with 80 watts of power and a 5000mAh battery, specifically tailored towards for large clouds and more experienced vapers.

The Reactor Mini is the smallest subohm device and offers a 2600mAh battery, 1 to 40 watt capacity and a very cool body.

The Reactor Shorty is powered by a single 18650 battery, prevents dry throat,  gives your maximum sized clouds and has a super cool look.

Especially when used with one of Halo’s renowned e-juices, you can expect massive plumes of vapour in an immersive experience with any of the awesome Halo ecig Reactor range. If you feel as though you’ve progressed from some of the introductory kits, the Reactor is an excellent option for you.

Halo Tracer

Tracer Starter Kit
Tracer Twist Starter Kit Blue
Tracer Twist







The Halo Tracer series of Halo ecigs provides an exciting entry into sub ohm vaping. These kits have received rave reviews for their high build quality, performance and vapour production.

The Tracer range is definitely a more powerful option, ideally suited to those looking for a more customised experience. If you’re thinking that you need a step up from one of the Halo Triton kits, this is definitely a great option.

Despite being designed for more advanced users, it is still incredibly simple to use. Simply charge it and fill up the tank and you’ll be able to enjoy vaping immediately. Without an LED screen or up and down buttons, the Tracer eliminates a lot of the hassle and lets you just enjoy the vapour. With a 2600mAh battery, a 3.5Ml TANK AND 0.5ohm sub ohm coils, this has rightfully been termed a “powerhouse in your fist”.

Halo E Juice

The popular Purple Tundra by Halo Evo
Mystic e Liquid from Halo
Mystic by Halo Blue
Halo Tribeca E Juice






Halo’s diverse high-quality e-liquids act as a great complement to your e cigarettes. Tasty tobacco, menthol and fruit flavours will only serve to enhance your vaping experience. They have a certificate of analysis for every ingredient that goes into both our smoke juice and our e-cigarette cartomizers. Each ingredient in the Halo formula is approved by the FDA and FEMA and all flavourings are provided by a top-notch FEMA facility. Moreover, all Halo e-liquids are manufactured with only the highest quality of nicotine. This helps to avoid the awful peppery aftertaste that can be found in most e-liquids.

Halo White

Nutty Tobacco is one of the most popular of the Halo White series

The Halo White e-juice series aims to provide excellent flavours at a lower price point. This ties in with a major goal of ours to ensure that customers of all socio-economic backgrounds can enjoy Halo products. It contains all four major tobacco flavours: Whisper (Sweet Tobacco), Timber (Nutty Tobacco), Black Diamond (Smooth Tobacco), and Hybrid (Tobacco & Menthol). Each of these Halo e-juice flavours only uses high-quality ingredients approved by both the FDA and FEMA.

Halo Evo

Halo Turkish Tobacco provides a mild, slightly sweet tobacco taste

The range of Halo Evo e-liquids come in eight unique flavours and larger 120ml bottles. Enjoy delicious fruits such as blueberry, watermelon, grape and apple. If these flavours don’t take your fancy, you can enjoy the unique cryptic blast, purple tundra, nutty butter and cookie karma flavours. The larger 120ml bottles represent great value for money and are sure to last you a long time. This Halo e-juice range will satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds and only add to your vaping experience.

Halo Blue

Mystic is a refreshing spearmint and menthol blend, with a light sweetness.
Get a mild tobacco flavour with vanilla and sweet undertones
Longhorn provides a string throat hit and a bold tobacco taste.







The Halo Blue series contains some of Halo’s most renowned and highest rated e-liquids. This vast assortment of flavoured e-liquids is sure to satisfy every palate. In addition to the traditional tobacco, menthol and gourmet flavours, you can find the infamous sweet Halo Tribeca, as well as caramel, chocolate and coffee flavours. This helps make for an excellent vaping experience that our customers will love.

Halo Ecig Accessories

Here at Ecig Future, we know that you need the best equipment available to optimise your vaping experience. We put a lot of time and effort into sourcing the best possible range of accessories that all vapers can use. Tanks, cartomizers, batteries and coils can all make your vaping experience significantly more convenient and enjoyable. The manufacturing quality is often the difference between a so-so vaping experience and a powerful one that allows you to give up smoking for good!  Below is an overview of our Halo ecig range of accessories.


Making the wrong choice of vape tank can be a frustrating feeling that really detracts from your vaping experience. The exciting range of Halo Vape Tanks have something for beginner and experienced vapers. We supply G6 Tanks, Triton Tanks, Halo Reactor Tanks and Tracer Tanks, the G6 Mini Tank and Reactor Mini Tank and the innovative Jag 6 tank. The Jag6 vape tank features a beautiful design, along with top-only airflow, a double wall atomization chamber and ceramic cover coils.


Halo pride themselves on producing high-quality cartomizers that allow you to have longer and more enjoyable vaping sessions. They are designed to heat e-liquid at a higher temperature than average, to produce warm vapour at high volumes and offer a more developed taste. Cartomizers can be filled multiple times with your favourite Halo e-juice. We stock the famous Halo G6 cartomizers

Halo Ecig Batteries

The right battery can significantly enhance your vaping experience. Halo batteries are designed for all levels of vapers and devices, with power ranging from 180 mAh all the way up to 5000 mAh. They are renowned for being long-lasting and giving you the maximum usage time possible with only a 1-2-hour charge. This range includes both integrated and removable vape batteries that will work with all of the Halo e-cigarettes.


You’ll struggle to get the full flavour from your vaping experience without choosing the correct coil. Featuring coils for the Jag 6, Reactor, Tracer and Triton 2 e-cigarettes, the Halo coil range is diverse enough to cover the needs of all e-cigarettes and will help noticeably improve the vapour production. These coils also represent an excellent way to extend your tank life and save you money in the long-term. This helps to provide a consistently enjoyable taste and eliminates the burnt scent of a coil that needs replacing.

Get Your Halo Ecig And Vape Juice Online In Australia

Once you experience your first Halo ecig and taste the range of quality e juices available, you’ll never look back. As experienced vapers and one time smokers, we understand the difficulties of quitting smoking and the importance of safe and reliable products for first time vapers. That’s why we carry on so much about Halo ecigarettes and e liquids.

We are always here to help and can offer advice on the best Hale ecig for wherever you are in your vaping journey. Browse our range of products and contact Maria or our team if you’d like some help.