What Is A Mechanical Mod?

A mechanical mod is a vaping device with simpler mechanics than other ecig starter kits that have more complex circuitry. A mechanical mod consists of a metal tube with a battery inside.  In simple terms, when you use a mechanical mod, you are firing straight off the battery.

In e cigarette starter kits there is circuitry between the battery and coil mechanism, that regulates current and battery function. Most starter kits also come with in-built safety mechanisms that prevent the battery from overheating.

Are Mechanical Mods Safe?

Mechanical mods are completely safe to use when they are used by experienced vapers who understand and observe battery safety and ohm’s law. You seriously risk your safety when vaping if the incorrect type of batteries are used, the batteries are damaged or inserted incorrectly, or you do not understand ohm’s law.

If you are using a mechanical mod, you must understand battery safety as a priority.

Ohm’s Law

It is really important before you start using any mechanical mod, to understand ohm’s law. Coil resistance (ohm) effects the wattage running through your device.  Lower resistance coils will draw more amp voltage from your battery and increase the temperature, so it is important to understand how ohms impacts your battery when vaping.  You must not use a coil that draws more than the  maximum voltage of your battery as there is a risk that your battery could catch fire or explode.

It is always recommended for safety to use a battery that provides some ‘wiggle room’  – at least 5 amps more than the coil requires.

Inform yourself by doing your research, purchasing a rechargeable voltage and ohms meter and doing all calculations according to ohm’s law.

There are a number of ohm’s calculators online to help.

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Vaping & Regulations in Australia

Different states in Australia have slightly different laws relating to vaping. The Australian federal government last year completed an inquiry into vaping, but there is still disagreement about how it should be regulated.

In Melbourne, it is not illegal to sell non nicotine containing e cigarette devices or e liquid. It is illegal to sell any vaping products to anyone aged under 18 and vaping is not allowed in any designated public  ‘smoke free’ areas.

In Australia, there is disagreement about whether vaping should be legalised, despite proponents citing the recent UK study about vaping posing only a fraction of the risks of cigarette smoking.

More Vaping Information & Resources

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