Vaping In Melbourne

The E cigarette and e liquid industry is relatively new and is growing in Melbourne, as well as around the world. More people are discovering vaping as a way of giving up conventional cigarette smoking.

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High quality, premium e cigarette devices and e cigarette liquid can be purchased online in Melbourne and shipped anywhere in Australia. Ecig Future is based in Melbourne and we sell a range of e cigarette starter kits for those just starting out, as well as more advanced subohm mods for experienced vapers.

We stock a broad range of e cigarette liquid flavours – from Tobacco Flavoured, to Menthol, & Mint, Fruit, Dessert and Sweets. Vaping is very personal and individual, so we aim to stock our online Melbourne store with products and flavours to cater to the taste preferences of a broad range of people.

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E Cigarettes & Mods

With the growth of the e cigarette market around the world there are so many different  e cigarettes to choose from and a lot of jargon. For someone new to e cigarettes, it can be confusing to know which is the best device to suit your needs, and which brands are the best.

We stock only the premium quality e cigarettes from well known e cigarette brands like the American made Halo. There are plenty of inferior products on the market, but as an online vape store, we rely on reviews and providing the best products and advice we can.

We categorise all our starter kits by Beginner and Advanced devices. depending on where you’re at in your vaping.

Customising Your Vape

Once you get the hang of the basics of vaping, you’ll want to start experimenting with customising your flavours and experimenting with different strength throat hits and bigger clouds. That’s where the larger mods come into their own. More advanced ecigarettes and mods allow you to change the settings to get the perfect vape. We’ll help you choose the best model for your needs. Just ask us and we’ll do our best to provide all the advice you need.

E liquid With Nicotine

Because it is illegal in Australia to sell nicotine in an e liquid or e cigarette, customers can buy nicotine e juice online from outside Australia and have it shipped. We recommend Mixology Vape in New Zealand.

Tobacco Flavoured E Cigarette Liquid

Our Melbourne vape store stocks everything for new and experienced vapers, including many Tobacco flavoured e liquids. Many of our e liquids are available in 60 ml shortfill bottles (containing 50ml of liquid), which allow you to add your own nicotine, which can be purchased outside Australia.

Advice & Support For New & Experienced Vapers

Australia’s most customer friendly vape store

As an online vape store in Melbourne, we understand that you’ll have questions about how to use your e cigarette and the best device for you. At ECig Future we offer lots of support and advice to all our customers.

As former cigarette smokers who successfully quit smoking through vaping, ECig Future is not just a business. We’re always keen to help others to realise the increased health benefits that we’ve experienced by giving up smoking and moving to vaping. That’s why we offer so much support to our customers and we’re known as Australia’s most customer friendly vape store. Maria, from our Melbourne online vape store is available to help you with your inquires via email or phone, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 9am till 5pm.

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Here are a handful of our reviews

Josh Pullen: Beyond fantastic. Used the online service recently to pick up some new hardware. Prices are extremely competitive so damm happy with that. The service from the very beginning has been phenomenal!! I could not believe how quick the order was packaged and sent. I was absolutely astounded by the speed and could not be happier. Will absolutely use this service again!!!!!!!!!!

Steve M: You know, twice I’ve ordered from these guys and twice I have been blown away. My only gripe is that I don’t vape enough to order more frequently from them. The range is huge. The products are high quality. The prices are comparable to any other seller. But above all, the care shown to customers is top notch. Communication, when needed is amazing. But the best thing is their ability to almost ALWAYS throw a little extra in for the customer. Be it a few sherbets, a stubby cooler or even a sample juice or two to try. Good, old fashioned customer service in an ever changing world. Thank you again guys. Hopefully I’ll be back for more in time for my 12 month anniversary away from the little death sticks in October. You just make it that little bit easier!

James O’Meara: The best and only vape shop you need. Ultra fast shipping, fantastic customer service. Stop looking and start shopping. 10/10

Alison Davis: Super speedy delivery, such friendly service!! It seems nothing is too much trouble!! Most highly recommend!!

Other Melbourne Stores

For people who want to visit a physical store, Wick & Wire and Vapora are Melbourne stores.

Vaping & Regulations in Melbourne & Victoria

Different states in Australia have slightly different laws relating to vaping. The Australian federal government last year completed an inquiry into vaping, but there is still disagreement about how it should be regulated.

In Melbourne, it is not illegal to sell non nicotine containing e cigarette devices or e liquid. It is illegal to sell any vaping products to anyone aged under 18 and vaping is not allowed in any designated public  ‘smoke free’ areas.

In Australia, there is disagreement about whether vaping should be legalised, despite proponents citing the recent UK study about vaping posing only a fraction of the risks of cigarette smoking.

More Vaping Information & Resources

Below are some useful information and links to more information about vaping and e cigarette products.

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Report on Inquiry into the use and Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes and personal Vaporisers in Australia

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