Buying Nicotine Vape Australia

Everyday there is talk about potential changes to the legal status of vaping and buying nicotine vape in Australia. There are powerful interests at play that have lots of money to spend trying to influence the direction of politicians and ultimately legislation.

As a result, there’s lots of confusion about what is legal and what can be purchased in Australia.  If you are a vaper or are thinking about trying vaping, you need to know how and where to source the items you need.

Typically, when you vape, you will need to purchase an ecigarette starter kit and flavoured e cigarette eliquid at a minimum. Although you can vape without nicotine, most people who are transitioning away from cigarettes like to have some nicotine vape in their eliquid, to assist with the process. While in many countries, you can buy eliquid containing nicotine, in Australia this is not the case.

Is Nicotine Liquid legal In Australia?

Australia is one of the few countries around the world to make nicotine juice illegal to sell. However, with the explosion of online vape stores that ship overseas, most Australians purchase nicotine vape online and have it shipped to their door.

Is vaping legal in Australia?

Yes. Vaping is legal, although there are regulations around vaping that differ between states. You cannot vape in non smoking areas and you must be aged 18 to vape. There are also laws restricting the use of vaping products in cars in the presence of anyone under 16 years.

Laws restricting the selling of vaping products differ between states in Australia, but in Victoria it is legal to sell vaping devices. E liquid containing nicotine cannot be sold anywhere in Australia – even from Australian online vape stores.

Purchasing from Victorian online vape stores allows you to purchase high quality vaping devices and eliquid without nicotine and have them shipped straight to your door, anywhere in Australia.

Although Australian vaping laws heavily restricts the promotion and advertising of vaping products, online vape stores in Australia are able to stock a huge range of the best e cigarette devices, batteries, mechanical mods, vaping accessories, and e cigarette liquid flavours from around the world.

Where can I buy nicotine in Australia?

Unfortunately it is not possible to buy liquid nicotine from any Australian store. If you are in Australia you will need to purchase a non nicotine ecigarette liquid and liquid nicotine separately, and mix them together.  Many Aussie vapers purchase their nicotine from Mixology Vape in New Zealand. Mixology vape has an online store and ship regularly to Australia.

Mixing nicotine vape to your favourite eliquid

Mixing nicotine to your eliquid is very simple, however it is important to understand how to do it safely. If you’re just starting out, we recommend vaping at a low nicotine level to begin (3  – 12mg is a common strength).

Do your research and use a reliable nicotine mixing calculator to determine the right ratio and amounts.

Concentrated nicotine can cause serious harm and even death. Always keep liquid nicotine away from children, animals, and even adults and always use gloves when you mix liquid nicotine.


How do you calculate nicotine in ejuice?

To determine the right amount of nicotine and eliquid to mix, you can download an app to your phone to do all the calculations for you, or you can find a good app online. There are a number of popular e liquid calculators available.

The calculator asks you to type in the base strength, target nicotine strength and final juice size to determine the correct ratio. Make sure to double check your calculations.

Nicotine Base Strength: This is the strength of nicotine liquid you have purchased. It may be 50mg or 100mg.

Target Nicotine Strength: This is the nicotine strength you intend to vape. This will determine the throat feel of your vape. This may be 3mg, 6mg or 12mg.

Bottle Size: The size of the final ejuice you are mixing.

Concentrated nicotine can seriously harm or kill pets, children and even adults, so always take care when mixing and handling nicotine. Always wear gloves when mixing nicotine.

Many of the e liquids we sell at eCig Future are packaged to make it easy to add nicotine vape.  Some of our 50ml size eliquids come in 60ml sized bottles, leaving enough room in the bottle to add in you pre purchased nicotine vape. Make sure to check liquid amounts before mixing.

I’m new to vaping. How do I know what to buy if I shop online?

Shopping for vaping devices and eliquid online really is easy. For those starting out,  knowing what to buy and learning about different devices can be confusing if you don’t have any help. But buying  vaping products online in Australia is never a problem if you purchase from a store that provides great customer service. A good way to find out about a business is to check their reviews and listen to what other customers say about their own experience.

There are lots of advantages to buying from an online vape store in Australia. Better prices, regular shopping rewards and next day shipping, so your purchases arrive at your door sooner, are just a few.

What is the best online vape store?

When you purchase online it’s important to find a vape store that sells premium products, and has great reviews from customers. The best online vape store is one that is reliable, responsive, sells high quality products and consistently gives helpful advice to customers when they need it.

We think we fit the bill as Australia’s best online vape store, but you don’t need to take our word for it. Why not check us out for yourself.

Shopping with eCig Future

As an online store, we go out of our way to provide the best customer service experience we possibly can. We’ve got a reputation for providing an awesome  service and it’s no accident. As former smokers who successfully quit, we know it’s really important to get the right advice at the beginning. eCig Future has regular customers in Perth, Sydney, far north Queensland, Melbourne and all over Australia.

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