When you quit smoking and are new vaping, you may find that some of the terminology can be confusing. PG e-liquid vs VG e-liquid is no exception. So what does it mean?

PG e-liquid is made with propylene glycol..

• Thinner consistency
• Tasteless and odourless, not affecting your e-liquid flavour
• Stronger throat hit, similar to tobacco smoking, and recommended for people who like the sensation of a strong throat hit, just like smoking.

VG e-liquid is made with vegetable glycerine

• Thicker e-liquid consistency
• On its own it has a sweeter taste, giving a sweeter taste to your e-liquid
• Less throat hit
• A smoother vaping experience
• More vapour production (clouds of vapour)

Ecigfuture hopes this brief explanation eliminates any confusion, but if not we’re only a phone call away.