We love BYRON BAY e liquids and we love that they are an Aussie company making premium e liquids at reasonable prices. They have nailed their flavours!!!
Byron Bay was founded and began by the passion of a long term Vapor from Northern New South Wales. Their thick and tasty e liquid is crafted in small batches and they use only the highest grade ingredients (All USP Grade). What we also love about the Byron Bay e liquids is they only use reputable flavour suppliers and they take time and passion to create every delicious e liquid flavour recipe over months to perfect. Producing a top quality product!
What is RTV?
This simply means ready to Vape no mixing required. Simply add to tank and vape. What is a doubler? It is currently illegal to purchase nicotine in Australia but you can import a three month supply. Customers like to purchase doublers to add their own PG/VG and nicotine at a ratio of 1.1. We order our nicotine for personal use from Hiliq a reputable U.S company. Delivery time is approximately a week. If you need any advice mixing your own e liquid with nicotine please don’t hesitate to call or email us.
Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine are the 2 main ingredients used in E liquid.