G6 E-Cigarette

  • G6 Batteries

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    3-capacities – 65mm, 78mm, 102mm

    The G6 batteries incorporate infiniglow technology, which provides

    • Consistent power source
    • Smooth throat hit
    • Comes in stylish colours to suit everyone’s tastes
    • Over 300 charge cycles, keeping you vaping all day
  • G6 PassThru Battery

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    Want consistent power to your battery all day? Connect your G6 Pass Through Battery to any USB port. Plug it in and you have continuous power to vape all day and night. It is only available in a manual output. The Battery voltage is 3.7 V, with silver threading. Fit with your G6 mini tank or your G6 cartomizer, and you’re ready to go.

  • G6 Carry Case

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    This smooth designer case for your G6 E Cigarette comes in Jet Black with a high polished chrome trim with the G6 logo embossed, giving this carry case a classy, stylish finish. The G6 carry case holds two batteries and four cartomisers. A great size to fit products, safely transport your G6 in the true Halo style.

  • Drip Tip

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    Add Style To Your G6 With This Aluminium Drip Tips. These Mouth Pieces Are Contoured And Will Add Style To Your G6 Cigarette. Available In 8 Colours With The Halo Logo Imprinted On The Side, A Great Accessory To Further Customize Your G6 Cigarette. Halo Thinks Of Everything.

  • G6 USB Charger

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    This G6 USB is the Standard Charger for all G6 Hardware- Simply remove the Cartomiser or Mini Tank. From your battery, screw the battery into the opening of the USB Charger and then insert your USB in to a port. You will know when the charger is complete as the LED light at the tip of the battery goes out, you will then know your G.B battery is fully charged and ready to use.

  • Mini Wall Charger

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    The Halo mini wall charger connects into any standard wall socket but we highly recommend to purchase a US converted to AUD power adapter as USA use different power connections to Australia. Easy to use with either the G6 or triton USB which fits in via its side to the USB port. Just plug in your E cigarette with your USB charger, connect it to the mini wall charger, plug into the wall, charging will commence when your LED light tip turns off the battery is fully charged.

  • G6 Starter Kit

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    The G6 has unmatched power and performance using infiniglow batteries. The cartomizers are easy to refill with e-liquid and replace, as are the mini G6 tanks, as an option to upgrade. Small, compact and sophisticated with a colour to suit everyone’s taste. The G6 starter kit comes complete with everything you need to start vaping.

    We highly recommend the G.6  Starter Kit for a light smoker trying to quit.

    • With 2 G6 batteries at 280 mAh
    • 1x Packet of 5 Cartomizers
    • 1x Mini Wall Charger.
    • 1x G6 USB Charger
    • Complimentary US to AUS Power Adapter
  • G6 Blanks

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    These cartomizers are a great way to customise your own G6 e-cigarette. Ecigfuture offer the G6 in 6 stylish colours, to complete the look of the sleek and stylish G6 e cigarette. These cartomizers can be filled multiple times with your favourite Halo or Nicvape premium e-liquids.

  • G6 Mini Tank

    5.00 out of 5

    Using cartomizer and tanks is a great way to vary your vaping experience. The best of both worlds. Still small enough to carry in pocket or clutch and colors match your G6 battery.