Triton II

  • Triton II Coil

    Triton II Coils

    5.00 out of 5

    The Ceramic Kanthal coils come in different resistances, for your preferred vaping experience. When it is time to change your coil, it is simple, and will extend the life of your tank and not carry over the flavours of your last e liquid.

    (5 pack)


    Please Note: Triton II components are not compatible with any of the original Triton tank system (vape pen) components.

  • Triton II Tank Stainless

    Triton II Tank

    0 out of 5

    Holding 2 ml of e liquid giving you maximum flavour in every vape. There are 2 tanks in each pack with a single coil head included.

  • Triton II Battery Black

    Triton II Battery

    0 out of 5

    The batteries are available in 900 mAh giving you consistent power to enjoy your new Triton II.


    Please Note:  Triton II components are not compatible with any of the original Triton components

  • Triton II Starter Kit Black

    Triton II

    5.00 out of 5

    We were so excited to try this new vape pen and we were not disappointed. One of the smaller sub-ohm devices on the market.  A sleek cylindrical style mod that presents beautifully but gives serious power and Vapour.

    Easily fits into your pocket and we recommend this for vapers wanting an introductory level to sub ohm vaping or for the more seasoned Vaper. Small and discreet providing maximum flavour  and smooth vaping. We think this device is spot on for class and performance, and would suit anyone trying to quit.

    Included in the Triton II Starter Kit

    2x 700 mAh Triton II Batteries

    2x Triton II Glass Tanks (2 ml)

    3x Triton II Coil Heads ( .75 ohm )

    2x Standard Mouth Piece

    1x Wide Bore Mouth Piece

    1x U.S.B Cable

    1x Wall Charger

    1x Information Booklet

    1x complimentary US to AUS adapter


    NOTE: Triton II components are NOT compatible with the original Triton Components.

  • Wall Charger

    0 out of 5

    The Halo Wall Charger (110v) compatible with the Triton II, Tracer and Reactor range. Using a micro USB cable, it is simple to connect the USB cord into the wall charger.
    Ecigfuture will supply a complimentary US. to AUS. adapter with the charger, so it can be used immediately.

  • USB Cable

    0 out of 5

    The Halo Micro USB cable for use with the Halo Tracer and Reactor range. It also compatible with the Triton II. Easy to use. Plug in the small end into your device and connect at the other end to a standard USB port or wall charger.