Vape Pen

  • Triton Single Vape Pen Starter Kit

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    Everything you need to quit, in one kit!

    Your brand new starter kit & a 5 pack of coils

    A perfect & affordable vape pen for any user. Extremely easy to use & packed with a great 650mAh battery able to give you between 6 and 8 hours of vaping time before needing to recharge. The kit includes all the essentials needed to keep you recharged & vaping.

    • 1x 650 mAh battery
    • 1x Refillable 2.4 ml tank
    • 1x USB charger
    • 1x Instruction Manuel
    • 1x Complimentary US to AU Power Adapter from EcigFuture.
  • Triton to eGo/510 Adapter

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    The triton eGo 510 adapter is perfect as it allows you to use other compatible tanks with your triton battery. It also allows you to use Triton tanks on your eGo battery. It’s small and compact and has a spring loaded centre pin ensuring optimal connectivity with your various components.
    The 510 to eG0 Adapter, is perfect for those who want to match and mix Triton components with 510/eG0 tanks and batteries. Tiny in size, perfectly weighed, featuring a spring loaded centre pin for optimal connectivity

  • Triton Replacement Tips

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    Triton tips are a must have accessory. Great when you want to offer a friend a taste, need a spare or overused your original triton tip.

  • Tank Replacement Coil

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    The triton replacement coils are an economical way to start vaping. They
    Are very simple to change in the triton tank. Available in different resistant levels finding a perfect match for your E liquid. To explain this further lower resistance coil assemblies will vape hotter and higher resistance cooler. If you have a burnt taste issue with your choice of Eliquid , we recommend the higher resistance coils for your Triton tanks. Each pack contains 5 coil replacements.

  • Triton USB Charger

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    A universal U.S.B adapter , a great component to use to charge your Triton electronic cigarette batteries.

  • Triton Battery

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    All triton batteries are if a superior quality with advanced technology with Icon core technology. This provides the user with the very best performance and a long life span battery, Available from 400-1300 Mah. All these triton batteries will last over 300 charge cycles. A great feature is a 10 second cut off time to prevent any safety hazards, if the firing button is inadvertantly pressed. Available from ecigfuture on 9 beautiful colours, variety , fast delivery affordable pricing for a superior halo product.

  • Variable Voltage Battery

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    Variable Voltage Battery, optimum control. The Halo Variable Voltage Batteries for The Triton vape pen have an adjustable range of 3.3-4.8V. This gives you total control of your vaping experience. Good performance, maximum flavour.

    N.B You must use a Triton U.S.B .If you try to charge your Triton battery with a G.6 U.S.B  you will cause damage to your Triton battery.

  • Triton Pass-Thru

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    Want consistent power to your battery all day? Connect your Triton Pass Through Battery to any USB port. Plug it in and you have continuous power to vape all day and night. It is only available in a manual output. The Battery voltage is 3.7 V, with silver threading. Fit with your Triton tank, and you’re ready to go.

  • Mini Wall Charger

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    The Halo mini wall charger connects into any standard wall socket but we highly recommend to purchase a US converted to AUD power adapter as USA use different power connections to Australia. Easy to use with either the G6 or triton USB which fits in via its side to the USB port. Just plug in your E cigarette with your USB charger, connect it to the mini wall charger, plug into the wall, charging will commence when your LED light tip turns off the battery is fully charged.

  • Triton Tank Kit

    5.00 out of 5

    The longest lasting batteries in their class. The triton tank system offers 650mAH Ion batteries. The tanks holds 2.4mL of E Liquid. This is a good size tank for less refilling and more vaping time between refills, the triton is a great starter kit for beginner to intermediate. Highly recommended for light to heavy smokers to quit!


    • 2x Ion Core Batteries (650mAH)
    • 2x Triton Clear Tanks (2.4mL)
    • 1x Triton Nose Cone
    • 1x USB Charger
    • 1x Mini Wall Charger
    • Complimentary US to AUS Power Adapter from Ecigfuture
    • Presented in a Beautifully Satin-Bound Halo Box
    • Information  Booklet
  • Triton Tank

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    Triton tank: the best tank, because it has the fantastic feature, leak guard technology, very exciting and welcomed. It prevents e liquid mess, spills and leaks. The tank holds 2.4 ml of eliquid which is a good amount for less refilling. Made out of strong clear acrylic, so you can see how much e liquid is in the tank. A 2.2-2.4 resistance coil comes with the tank. Ecigfuture offers 6 colors to customize your Triton E cigarette