Triton Accessories

  • Triton to eGo/510 Adapter

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    The triton eGo 510 adapter is perfect as it allows you to use other compatible tanks with your triton battery. It also allows you to use Triton tanks on your eGo battery. It’s small and compact and has a spring loaded centre pin ensuring optimal connectivity with your various components.
    The 510 to eG0 Adapter, is perfect for those who want to match and mix Triton components with 510/eG0 tanks and batteries. Tiny in size, perfectly weighed, featuring a spring loaded centre pin for optimal connectivity

  • Triton Replacement Tips

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    Triton tips are a must have accessory. Great when you want to offer a friend a taste, need a spare or overused your original triton tip.

  • Tank Replacement Coil

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    The triton replacement coils are an economical way to start vaping. They
    Are very simple to change in the triton tank. Available in different resistant levels finding a perfect match for your E liquid. To explain this further lower resistance coil assemblies will vape hotter and higher resistance cooler. If you have a burnt taste issue with your choice of Eliquid , we recommend the higher resistance coils for your Triton tanks. Each pack contains 5 coil replacements.