Triton Chargers

Recharge Your Batteries Anywhere With A Triton Charger. Get The Most Out Of Your Triton Battery. From Your Computer, Car Or Simply At Home. Halo Has Thought Of Everything.

  • Triton USB Charger

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    A universal U.S.B adapter , a great component to use to charge your Triton electronic cigarette batteries.

  • Mini Wall Charger

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    The Halo mini wall charger connects into any standard wall socket but we highly recommend to purchase a US converted to AUD power adapter as USA use different power connections to Australia. Easy to use with either the G6 or triton USB which fits in via its side to the USB port. Just plug in your E cigarette with your USB charger, connect it to the mini wall charger, plug into the wall, charging will commence when your LED light tip turns off the battery is fully charged.