More About the Brizo Mechanical Mod

The Admiral is a mechanical mod and is only designed to be used by advanced and experienced vapers who understand battery safety and ohm’s law.

The stunning Broadside Brizo mechanical mod has a revolutionary firing mechanism. There’s no problem with arcing in the Brizo, and with the Delrin insert, there’s also no chance of hot button.

The Brizo is compatible with the Ijoy 20700 battery.


Diameter: 25mm (not including fire button)
Utilizes a single 21700 or 20700 battery
Hybrid connection
Silver plated Copper contacts
Adjustable positive pin for battery length
Revolutionary lockable, side firing button
No springs or magnets
Constant contact
Battery arc is nonexistent

In the box:

1 x Broadside Brizo Mod


Disclaimer & Safety Warning for Mechanical Mods

Before buying this product, you should read and agree to the following. This product is NOT A TOY. This product is not suitable for beginners or those who do not understand battery safety and ohm’s law.

Incorrect use of this device can lead to serious injury. Ecig future will not be held responsible for any issues that result from the improper use of this device. It is the entire responsibility of the purchaser to undertake the proper research and have the requisite knowledge to safely operate this device.

Mechanical mods do not have internal circuitry that can detect faulty or wrongly oriented batteries, limit battery discharge, or implement safety cut-off features. It is therefore important to only use quality high-drain batteries, know the maximum amperage of your battery, always make sure the battery is installed with the correct orientation, never use damaged or dented batteries, and change batteries no later than 12 months after purchase.

If you do not have the correct knowledge to safely operate this device, please choose an e cigarette starter kit that has internal circuitry and safety cut off features. We have lots of different models available in our store and are happy to assist with any questions.



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