Reactor Coils

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Reactor Coils

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Reactor Replacement coils are sold in packs of five. These replacements are a great way to extend the life of your tank and avoid any carry over flavours of e-liquid.


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Simple to replace and sold in convenient packets of 5. Choose your preferred resistance level. Dismiss residue of previous e liquid flavors and extend the life of your tank.

We offer three material types: Kanthal, NI200 (nickle ) and Stainless Steel.  All Reactor coils can be used in all Reactor tanks.The resistance level and coil material is a personal preference. The lower the ohm, the hotter it will heat the e liquid.

The Mini, Mega and the Shorty Reactor all have T.C ( temperature control ) modes where you can use the stainless steel coils or the NI200 coils in your tank adjusting by temperature not wattage. The T.C coils are intended for people looking to fine tune the actual temperature instead of adjusting the Reactor’s wattage.

Kanthal coils are not suitable for T.C mode and are used only when in wattage mode. Kanthal coils are a very popular coil. Stable in resistance at varying temperatures. The Clapton coil is a braided coil. The coil itself has more surface area to heat the e liquid producing more flavor

NI200 are pure nickle . The resistance increases the hotter the coil gets as it has a high temperature coefficient. And should only be used in T.C mode.

Stainless steel coils will heat up much faster than the other coils.This is because the steel is naturally low in resistance.  The stainless steel coils can be used in both variable and wattage mode and the “SS” mode on the Reactor Mini shorty and Mega units. Always remember to prime your coil before use . We hope this helps !

 Always remember to prime your coil before use . We hope this helps!


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