Turkish Tobacco

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Turkish Tobacco

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Turkish Tobacco Eliquid Combines A Flavour Of Sun Cured Tobacco Flavour And A Very Light Semi, Sweet Note. It Is Very Characteristic Of The True Turkish Tobacco. The Flavour Comes From Turkish Tobacco Cultivated  Off The Coast Of The Black Sea, This Is Used In Traditional Cigarettes And Also Used In Blended Pipe Tobaccos. It Is A Mild Tobacco Flavour Ideal For Light Tobacco Smokers, Great Vapour Production And Throat Hit.

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Turkish tobacco e liquid combines a flavor of sun cured tobacco flavor and a very light semi, sweet note. It is very characteristic of the true Turkish tobacco. The flavor comes from Turkish tobacco cultivated off the coast of the black sea, this is used in traditional cigarettes and also used in blended pipe tobaccos. It is a mild tobacco flavor ideal for light tobacco smokers, great vapour production and throat hit.

1 review for Turkish Tobacco

  1. 2 out of 5

    Paul Hodge

    I have tried most of Halo’s Tobacco range. This was gave me a big throat hit though found a little strong for my liking. Great for those who like a strong flavour and a heavier tobacco taste.

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