Real Vaping Stories | Tara’s Story

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ECig Vaping Stories Number 1


In the second in our series of Vaping Stories we hear from Tara, a long term smoker who has successfully transitioned away from cigarettes to vaping. Tara focusses on the importance of discipline and testing out a few different devices and flavours until you get the right vape for you.

The First Week Of Vaping

“Vaping is not smoking”

First up you have to be committed to quitting. Have a mindset that vaping is not smoking. The first week is hard. You will cough. You will have headaches and you will sometimes get a sore mouth. Persevere. This is only temporary.

Finding The Right Device & Flavours

“It’s all about practice and experimentation”

Have a selection of juices and be willing to try new ones till you find one that you love. This will become your all day vape. Then, be willing to invest in bigger and better.  I started off with the halo G6 and have worked my way up the vape chain. If you find yourself not being satisfied with your vape, try something different. It’s still cheaper than a packet of regular cigarettes, any day.

I love Tribeca – but it tastes better in the Triton Vape Pen than it does in the Triton II. It’s all about practice and experimentation, until you’ve found the right mix.

Care Of Your Equipment

“Be gentle with your equipment”

Change your coils regularly. You will be amazed at the difference. Be gentle with your equipment. If you vape too long it will get hot and the tank will suffer. I have three or four on the go at any given time, all with different juices.

Strategies For Success

“Don’t listen to the critics”

Lastly don’t listen to the critics. Vaping is the healthier alternative. The World Health Organisation recognises this. Ignore those who choose to be ignorant and criticise vaping. Do your own homework.

The Benefits Of Vaping

“I wondered how I ever smoked”

Ive been off the cigarettes for two years now. I no longer have a smokers cough. I can taste again. I can smell again. I really enjoy vaping. I no longer smell like an ashtray. I tried a cigarette a few months back and it did absolutely nothing for me. I wondered how I had ever smoked!