Temperature Control [aka TC] Devices

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TC & The Reactor Range

The Reactor Shorty is an advanced sub ohm vaping device, capable of setting the actual temperature of the vapor. This is needed for any Ni200 coil, as they should never be used in variable wattage mode.
Scroll down to the “Coil” section for more information as to why the nickel coils should be used in the TC mode.

You can change the mode from wattage to one of the TC modes on the Reactor Shorty by pressing the firing button (3) times. When you see the display switch to showing the current mode, use the up/down buttons on the bottom of the device to cycle through the modes until you find the appropriate mode.

NOTE: The device will give you a “Temp Protection” message on the display if you set the temperature below.


E-Liquids to Use With Reactor Shorty

All e-liquid blends contain two basic ingredients; Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). We have two ratios, one that is higher in PG and one higher in VG. The recommended ratio depends on the hardware type being used.

VG is a thick, sweet tasting base that creates a smooth lung hit, and dense vapor clouds. Sub Ohm units, better known as mods, works best with our High VG liquids [70vg/30pg].

In comparison, PG is a very thin base and does not alter the flavor of the liquid. It does however, help contribute to the “throat hit,” that many former tobacco users are looking for when first transitioning to an electronic cigarette. Traditional e-cigs will work best with the Standard formula, which is higher in PG at 70pg/30vg. So, if you are using this type of liquid, you will want to move to a high VG liquid.



You want to choose your nicotine based around the types of cigarettes you were smoking, not how much you were smoking.

To put the nicotine levels into perspective for traditional sub ohm units like the Reactor Shorty.

– 1.5mg/ml is comparable to Ultra-lights, the 3mg/ml is like lights, and the 06mg/ml close to full flavored.



In regards to the Reactor coils, we have three material types: Kanthal, Ni200 [nickel], and Stainless Steel. The resistance level is basically a personal preference; the lower the ohm, the hotter it will heat the e-liquid. The coil material is also a personal preference.

The Mini, Mega, and Shorty Reactor units all have TC [temperature control] modes, where you can use Stainless Steel, or Ni200 coils in the tanks and adjust by temperature, instead of wattage. These TC coils are intended for users who are looking to fine tune the actual temperature, instead of adjusting the wattage.

Kanthal coils are not TC coils and are only used in wattage mode. They remain a very popular coil type for their stable resistance at varying temperatures. The Clapton Kanthal coil is a braided coil, which has more surface area to heat the liquid, resulting in more flavor.

Ni200 are pure nickel, and it has a high temperature coefficient; which means that the resistance increases, the hotter the coil gets – therefore, the Ni200 coil type should only be used in TC mode.

Stainless Steel coils heat up much faster than other coils due to the steel being naturally low in resistance. These coils can be used in both variable wattage mode, and the “SS” mode on Reactor Mini, Mega, and Shorty units. Though most customers who are used to Kanthal coils seem to prefer to use these in TC mode only. You can buy your reactor coils here.


General Information

If you are having a continuous burnt flavour after just a few days, there are a few things that can be at play here. One of them could be using the device in variable wattage mode, and not the appropriate TC mode for the type of coil you have. If using the Ni200 0.25 ohm coils that came with the device, you will want to set the device to “Ni” mode right away. Also, if you have been using the Ni200 coils in wattage mode, you will also want to replace the coil prior to continuing use of this device.


Vaping Technique

Do Not Chain Vape – If you take frequent back to back hits, you are going to burn out the coil much quicker! You also can flood the coil, which can spit liquid in your mouth, and leak from the air vents. Wait at least 30 seconds in between drags.

Keep Tank Full – It is fine to let the liquid get a bit low in the tank however, if you are a heavy vaper, you will want to keep the liquid above the top of the coil as often as you can to prevent the wick sheets from not getting enough liquid to them.

Firing Button – Only press the firing button just before you start taking your drag, and ALWAYS let of of the firing button BEFORE you stop inhaling. This way you will clear all of the vapour created each puff. If you do not clear all of the vapour in the airflow chamber you can flood the coil, or if you hold the firing button down too long, you will burn out the coil much faster.