Uwell Amulet Pod System in Australia

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Vape Watch!

It was inevitable that one of the leading, innovative e Cigarette companies would come up with a convenient ecig pod system that worked as a watch. Compact, convenient and stylish – this is the future of vaping and it’s arrived in Australia as the Uwell Amulet Pod system.

Great Looks

The watch is stylish, easy to use, and discrete. With a vaping pod system located on your wrist, your device is with you all the time, freeing up your hands. The watch sports a comfortable silicone watch band and the pod is easily detachable for refilling and vaping.

Wear your watch on your right or left wrist. The screen rotates for easy viewing.



The pod system has a 2ml refillable pod for use with your favourite e cigarette liquid or  vape salts. It has an in built 320mah battery and can be charged easily from a usb.

Safety features include an advanced circuit board to control overheating and a dust-proof design to maintain optimum performance in all conditions.

The Vape watch is due in our online vape store in late July, with replacement parts to keep you all stocked up. For more info, contact us or give us a call on 0420 238 800.

Made By Uwell

Uwell has a reputation for building high quality ecig devices, with high quality safety specs and great performance.

eCig Future stocks other high quality Uwell products including the awesome Uwell Crown.

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