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Halo’s most popular and very stylish vape pen, comes in beautiful colours and Halo’s superior design incorporating advanced technology. This kit is perfect for beginner to intermediate level of vaping, delivering a strong throat hit and good vapour production. With a 2.4 ml tank which features halo’s leak shield technology. After using tanks personally from inferior brands, that leaked, the leak shield tank is another reason why halo’s product stands alone. The 2.4 ml tank will carry a good amount of e-liquid depending on your vaping habit. PC Magazine Australia have rated the Triton Vape Pen as one of the best refillable tank systems on the market.

Top-quality vape pens with cutting edge ecigarette technology

The triton tank system is one of the most advanced vape pens available on the market today. It combines technology that leads the way in the industry, with a smooth and comfortable vaping experience. The impressive features of the triton tank system are:

  • 2 x Ion core rechargeable batteries (650 mAh), longest lasting in its class
  • The coils are easy to change over which will extend the life of the tank
  • 2 x Triton tanks made using Halo’s leak shield technology
  • I x Triton cone to match your battery colour
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x Mini wall charger
  • Presented in a beautifully satin bound box
  • Ecigfuture supplied complimentary US to AUS power adapter
  • Information Booklet


The Triton is great product for all day use. It is an easy to use, stylish, and reliable Halo e-cigarette, which continuously performs time after time. It is trusted and considered a very high end e-cigarette. Ecigfuture have a beautiful array of colours available to suit everyone’s style. Available for fast delivery at great prices.

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