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ECig Vaping Stories Number 1

In the the fourth in our series of Vaping Stories we hear from Teresa, a long term smoker who successfully gave up smoking after seeing a work colleague vaping. Teresa bought her first Halo ecigarette starter kit and well….she never looked back.

My journey as a smoker

“I smoked about 15 per day. I tried patches and ziaban tablets. You name it nothing seemed to last.”

I started smoking as a teenager and became dependent as a way of keeping calm through stressful situations, social gatherings and it just became part of my daily routine. It was the first thing I did in the morning, after coffee, before beginning a task or finishing a task. I did give up for 7 years but after one cigarette, well, it started all over again. I smoked about 15 per day. I tried patches and ziaban tablets. You name it nothing seemed to last.

Feeling Terrible

“I began each day coughing”

I began to feel out of breath, tired and just unwell. My mouth was always dry and I began the day coughing. Even when I had the flu I would still drag myself out of bed for a smoke. The taste and smell was terrible at times. Gosh, I thought, how would I ever be able to give up? Smoking  consumed my life and very expensive.

Discovering Vaping

“She didn’t smell like horrible cigarette smoke.”

In February 2017 I noticed a work colleague using a device that she used to inhale and exhale. It was like smoking, but I’d never seen anything like it before.

When I asked her about it, my interest grew even more. She had been smoking for a long time and had been a heavy smoker.  But now she was vaping!!

It smelt nice and she didn’t smell like horrible cigarette smoke. Vaping juice as we know it doesn’t have all the harmful substances and chemicals like cigarettes.

Buying My First eCigarette

“That was the last time I ever smoked”

Anyway I purchased my first Halo Tracer Twist (similar to the Halo Triton Single Vape Pen). I had a packet of smoke 20’s which would normally last a little more than a day for $20. This time they lasted me one week and that was the last time I ever smoked!!

The Transition

“I still can’t believe how easy it was”

The transition to vaping was like I never tried to give up smoking. I still can’t believe how easy it was.

There are thousands of juice flavours to keep me interested. My energy levels increased and I felt so much better. I remember having the flu and I didn’t feel the need to even vape for three days.

I do believe that one day it will be easy for me give up vaping,  but not yet. I have most of the mods and tanks from Halo and I have found them to be all really reliable.

Getting The Right Help

“It’s so important to seek the right information”

I spoke to Maria at eCig Future about different products when I was starting my vaping experience. There are so many different devices and each gives a slightly different experience. Halo devices are a good quality construction and are really simple to use. I do think that if I didn’t have the Halo devices I would have gone back to smoking at some point.

It’s so important to seek the right information about ecigarette products and ejuice. It gave me so much confidence too. Nicotine is illegal in Australia, so not readily available, but you can import it.

All the advice I received about the right devices, where to buy nicotine, the best e cigarette for me and choosing a starter kit, definitely helped me with my experience to give up smoking completely.

Got A Question?

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