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Today’s Real Life Vaping Story is from Dawson, who was motivated to try vaping by a friend and discovered the convenience of online vape supplies and quick delivery to his hometown of Perth.

Cigarette Prices – The Growing Cost


“After looking at the ever growing cost of cigarettes I switched to rollies.”

I had been a smoker for eleven years. I never tried to quit until recently, as I used to enjoy it. After looking at the ever growing cost of cigarettes in Australia, I decided to switch to rollies – a comparatively cheaper option.

Motivation From A Friend


“Loving her more than smoking always made me want to quit.”

Being married to a wife with zero tolerance for the smell of smoke resulted in us arguing almost every day. Loving her more than smoking, always made me want to quit for her.  Then a good friend of mine  – a smoking buddy at work – switched to vaping.  He didn’t smoke for about a month. This motivated me to get some more details about how this vaping thing actually worked!

Finding The Right Vape Supplies In Australia


“He said it was one of the best products on the market.”

Probably three to four years earlier a friend of mine had introduced me to the whole concept of vaping. At the time I was not convinced it was safe or about easily getting vaping supplies. According to my friend this had been a nightmare!

My smoking buddy from work who was vaping, introduced me to the Halo Tracer Twist.  He said it was one of the best products on the market, and now even I don’t disagree with him. After getting to know the product and finding out from him about the best vaping supplies, I started to do my own research. I was really interested in how much it was going to cost.

Quick Online Delivery To Perth


“They got it delivered to Perth in a week”

Ordering the product from outside Australia was a no-go for me. The delivery time was way too long which I worried might give me time to change my mind.

Then I came across the Ecig Future online vape store in Australia. I was really impressed with the offered price, extra goodies, and free delivery. I ordered my very first vaping mod recommended by my friend –  the Halo Tracer Twist. Also on my friend’s recommendation I ordered Tribeca eliquid to start vaping. The guys at Ecig Future got my vape supplies delivered to Perth in a week – awesome!!

Discovering Nicotine Eliquid


“I wasn’t aware then that e-juice with nicotine can’t be sold in Australia”

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware then that e-juice with nicotine can’t be sold in Australia and I ended up with a couple of e-juices with zero mg of nicotine. That wasn’t going to help me quit smoking!! To fix myself I ordered e-juice with 3mg nicotine from a supplier in New Zealand. This was an easy solution – to get your nicotine e liquid from New Zealand and have it sent to Australia.

Most smokers who are switching to vaping will want nicotine to add to their ejuice to help initially with the transition. It’s very common to get nicotine e liquid sent from New Zealand to Australia. At Ecig Future we recommend Mixology Vapes in New Zealand as a reliable, quality supplier of e liquid with nicotine.

From Smoking To Vaping – Symptoms


“…from the second month onwards I stopped smoking completely.”

It took me a while to get used to vaping especially, pressing the button and inhaling. I was excited to begin with, but soon disappointed as I was not getting a kick like I used to from ciggies.

I tried switching to 6mg nicotine, but that gave me a very bad throat hit. During this experiment, I smoked a ciggie once a week to ensure I switched to vaping completely. I also had blisters in my mouth and bleeding gums at times, however, I was not entirely sure if that was because of vaping (a few sites do state that this can be a side effect at first).

Smoking To Vaping Timeline


“…from the second month onwards I stopped smoking completely.”

This was my routine for a month and from the second month onwards I stopped smoking completely. I’m still on 3mg nicotine vape, and I feel that is pretty much what I need.

How Much Does It Cost To Vape?


“The benefits of vaping are way beyond what I expected.”

Now, I love vaping. Though I don’t vape a lot, I enjoy the whole feeling. The benefits of vaping are way beyond what I expected. I can vape in my car, room etc without having to worry about any smell.

Cost wise, it is far cheaper than cigarettes. I saved approximately $60 a month after switching to vaping. That’s a lot! Plus I feel better and I’m much healthier now. The biggest benefit is that my wife is no longer afraid of kissing me. Of course, I don’t smell the same as I used to!!

Giving up smoking is rarely easy, but for some it’s easier than for others. At ECig Future we understand that everyone’s vaping experience is different. There is no ideal smoking to vaping timeline, nor a perfect ecigarette starter kit or ecigarette liquid that will work for everyone first time. If we’ve learnt anything about what to expect when switching to vaping, it’s that most people try a few different e liquid flavours and nicotine strengths, and can experience some physical symptoms in the first week or so, before they start to enjoy the experience and see the benefits.

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