The Electronic Cigarette known simply as the “Ecig “is a fairly new technology. The e-cigarette is battery operated. The Ecig is designed to simulate, a smoking experience but unlike real tobacco smoking, there is no tar. Depending on the e-liquids you use, you may have none or only a tiny fraction of the amount of the 4000 chemicals found in a tobacco cigarette. There will be no second hand smoke, no awful smell, and money back in your pocket. The E-Cigarette does not produce real smoke, just vapour. The E-cigarette simulates the hand to mouth action and the atomizer (heated element) provides the drawback of the E-liquid. Its design is visually pleasing and well engineered.

The vapour is like a mist which is produced when adding the E-liquid to the cartomizer or atomizer (heating element). This creates clouds of vapour with no odour.

Electronic Cigarette battery:

Automatic Battery

The battery turns on automatically as you begin vaping. The battery will then turn off automatically after you finish vaping, thus efficiently extending the battery charge.

Manual Battery

Some e-cigarettes come with the option of a manual battery, they are easily activated by holding down the manual button on your e-cigarette battery, activating the atomizer heating the element. The e-liquid then turns to vapour.
Many new vapers tend to favour the automatic battery, but transition to the manual battery to have more control over their vaping experience.

The battery is the largest part of your E-Cigarette and is easily charged in various ways. A USB port, a wall charger, car charger and even an on the go portable charger, so you always have a fully charged battery on hand.


The E-liquid gives you the flavour of choice whether it be a tobacco flavour reminiscent of a cigarette or a fruit or gourmet flavour to tantalize you taste buds. When heated, the ingredient propylene glycol, will create the vapour (smoke effect), which a recent study conducted by British health authorities found to be 95% less harmful than cigarette smoke. What is great about Halo is they have so many flavours to choose from, and of course peace of mind when purchasing due to the high level of quality control. At Ecigfuture we stock a large variety of Halo E-liquids to try.

Cartomizers/ Atomizers:
The E-liquid is put into the E-cigarette’s cartomizer or tank. The cartomizer or atomizer is attached to the battery (tank). The cartomizers are replaceable to ensure you never experience grimy taste. One cartomizer can be refilled many times before it needs to be replaced. They come in packets of 5, and depending on your vaping habits, will last a while before you need to replace them. This atomizer can be washed, and does not need replacing unless damaged. The coil which helps heat the E-Liquid, will need replacing again depending on your vaping habits, approximately every 2-4 weeks. They come in a pack of 5.