What is Mouth to Lung or direct Lung Inhaling?

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There are two styles of vaping and you may have heard of these terms before but what do they mean.

Mouth to Lung Inhaling

This is the way traditional smokers smoke. Inhaling into your mouth and breathing into your lungs.

Direct lung inhaling is the new evolution of vaping and used with sub-ohm devices which also produce more vapour. The sub-ohm device needs to allow for more airflow. This will create much more vapour. So the term cloud chasers appeared in the ecig world. With mouth inhaling it is harder to hold all that vapour in your mouth with a looser airflow. So for example if you have the new Triton II and you want to vape as a more natural cigarette experience then you would keep the air holes more closed.

Tanks with airflow can be used with both styles of vaping. With MTL style of vaping keep the air holes more closed or open them up and let the air move around the coil and then you are ready to use Direct Lung Inhaling as your preferred vaping style. But again it is only what we think and you will find your preferred airflow setting and vape experience you love!