When I first started vaping a lot of the technology was not as advanced as it is now. I ordered products mainly from China when I first started vaping. The battery’s did not last, the carts and tank’s leaked and coils burnt out quickly. So it was frustrating because vaping worked for me but I had a cupboard full of e cigarettes that did not. So I decided to Google American e cigarettes and e liquid, because it occurred to me even though the e liquid from China was cheaper I had no idea what was in it.

I came across Halo. Prices weren’t astronomical and I liked what they offered. I read their site back to back and then read Google reviews. Everything was positive and Halo besides winning awards for their products had gained huge respect in the vaping industry so I ordered.

The first big change for me was the e liquid. It cost a little more but gave me peace of mind as to what I was inhaling was safe. I knew what was in it when it was made and when it passed its use by date. Just comparing the clarity of e liquids I used, Halo won hands down you could just see it. The Triton vape pen I ordered in purple and I loved it. The colour and the size of the pen was great and it had 2 included batteries in the kit. It was also straight forward to use. It has never let me down. The tank does not leak and the coils are easy to replace. The battery gives me a day and night of vaping and I have 2 batteries to rotate charging. You can see the vape pen is of a high quality because not only is a statically beautiful, it is reliable. Approximately after a year and a half I had to replace my battery. I also enjoy their variable voltage battery which I also use as it gives me more control over my vaping experience and battery life lasts me nearly 2 days. I leave the Mods to my son as he loves big clouds of Vapor. I wanted to sell Halo in Melbourne and then Australia wide because I personally found from using their products before I sold, they were excellent . This was my motivation for Ecigfuture. If the rest of the world are loving Halo why not bring it down under?.